VCM-X E-BUS Controller

VCM-X Controller

The VCM-X E-BUS series of controllers now consists of the VCM-X Modular E-BUS Controller and the VCM-X WSHP (Water Source Heat Pump) E-BUS Controller. The VCM-X Modular E-BUS Controller has replaced the standard VCM-X Controller. The E-BUS versions of these controllers now allow the various E-BUS modules to connect directly to the VCM-X E-BUS Controllers.

These controllers are designed with 7 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, and 5 relay outputs. Each VCM-X E-BUS Controller’s input and output capabilities can be expanded with the VCM-X Expansion Module, the 12 Relay Expansion Module, and the 4 Binary Input Expansion Module by means of a modular cable. Each VCM-X E-BUS Controller can be configured for control of VAV Units (with or without VAV/Zone Controllers), Constant Volume Units, Single Zone VAV, and Make-Up Air Units.