VAV Zone Controllers

vav zone controller

The VAVZ Modular VAV/Zone Controller Actuator Packages utilize modular connectors, pre-fabricated modular cables and a central Power/Comm board for their power and communications wiring connections. The modular VAV/Zone Controller Actuator Package is used for controlling airflow and operation of VAV or Zoning terminal units. The package contains the Modular VAV/Zone Controller and Actuator mounted and housed in a plastic enclosure.

The VAV/Zone Controller is a programmable digital controller which allows for program setpoints to be stored in non-volatile memory. The controller is connected to a room sensor via a modular cable assembly which monitors space temperature allowing the VAV/Zone Controller to modulate a damper in response to space temperature, duct temperature, and airflow requirements in the controlled space.

The Modular VAV/Zone Controller Actuator Package has four integral modular jacks for connection to the actuator, the airflow sensor (for pressure independent applications), the room sensor, and the VAV/Zone Controller Expansion Module via modular cables. Molex cable connections are provided for the 24 VDC power and system communications. A quick connect terminal connector is also supplied for connection of the Modular Service Tool to facilitate programming of the controller. The controller has an on-board dip switch provided for board addressing.