The Orion System Components are designed to be integrated with the AAON®/WattMaster Factory Packaged Controls. The components that are available allow HVAC equipment with AAON®/WattMaster Factory Packaged Controls installed to be interconnected, networked and expanded to provide a complete building system solution for the customer.

When an HVAC unit is supplied from the factory with AAON®/WattMaster Factory Packaged Controls, the units are complete with all sensors, expansion boards and necessary components to provide a stand-alone system that is ready to operate without any other components.

Orion controller applications include Constant Volume, Make-Up Air, VAV, and Single Zone VAV.  Orion VAV Box controls can also be incorporated into the system. Auxiliary controllers such as the General Purpose Controller allow other equipment such as boilers, pumps, unit heaters, exhaust fans, etc. to also be integrated into the Orion System.

Multiple interface options are available including a wall mount Touch Screen System Manager, a Hand Held Service Tool, and our free Prism 2 graphical PC software. Remote access to the system is available by adding an IP Module.